Dave Erb Award Points Chart




General Points

Attend Meeting/Non-Competition Event


Attend cancelled event (chair, worker, or participant


Steering Wheel (Web) Article   


Donation/Sponsorship (per $1 value)  


Appointed Positions   


Notes:  Donation/Sponsorship includes such items as worker lunches/dinners at events, trophies for events, door prizes, worker gifts, etc.  These need to be cleared with the chairperson beforehand for appropriateness and to avoid duplication.

Driver/Navigator Points

(Rally, Autocross, Hillclimb, Ice Time Trial)



1st in class


2nd in class


3rd in class


4th in class


5th in class


6th in class


Notes:  Multiple entry (e.g., 2 different classes) earns multiple finishing points.  Autocross points are based on working the event as required by our autocross rules.

Worker Points

Chair (Asst Chair) of an Event:


250 (150)

Rally up to 6 hours

175 (100)

Rally greater than 6 hours

250 (150)


100 (50)

Ice Time Trial

100 (50)

Non=Competitive Event

100 (50)

Hillclimb/Rally Specialty Chief, per day


Hillclimb/Rally Worker, per half day


Autocross non-driver worker


Notes:  Non-Competitive events include Christmas Party, Open Houses, Car Washes, Auto Shows, etc.  To encourage training of new people, Chiefs of Specialties at Hillclimbs may have someone work with them to learn the position and points will be awarded at the Assistant level.

Any entrant who receives free or reduced-cost entry in exchange for working at an event will receive the appropriate worker and finishing points, but not entry points for that event.

Other Information

         All meetings and events will count toward the year end total.

         Ties may or may not be broken, at the discretion of the SCCNH Board of Directors.

         Chair of event receives no additional points for working the event; he or she receives no points if results are not received by pointskeeper within 30 days after the event.

         Points are given to all members until March 15 (when membership dues are due).  After March 15, no points are accumulated until dues are paid.  New member's points are retroactive to the beginning of the year.

         The Dave Erb trophy will be given annually to the member with the most points for that year.  There may be gifts and/or trophies awarded to those in 2nd place and further down the list as deemed appropriate by the Board.

         Points will be accumulated up to and including the annual Christmas Party, where the award will be presented.

         It is the responsibility of the current holder of the trophy to make sure the trophy is at the Christmas Party each year.