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Autocross 101

Novice Handbook

Autocross is a driving skill event over a short, miniature road course clearly defined using traffic cones. Each vehicle is timed individually as it negotiates a course that puts the emphasis on driver skill and vehicle handling using time as a means to measure proficiency. The skills learned and practiced here; smooth transitions, enhanced braking and skid correction have an immediate impact on your driving skills and will translate into safer street driving.

Current Class Champions

The rules and guidelines cover participant, site, safety and vehicle capabilities. They are a result of this club’s 50+ years of experience and the experiences of many similar clubs from all around the country. There are course standards that must be met to protect the participant, the facility and the neighborhood. All cars must pass a safety inspection. SCCNH sanctioned events are conducted under the watchful eyes of Safety Stewards insuring autocross to be one of the safest motorsports.

The events are low-keyed, with the emphasis on fun. Instructors are available to assist and ride along with novice drivers or any driver who feels they could use some improvement. Each season one or two beginner autocross schools are held where you can learn how to autocross with instruction from our experts. Autocross is an opportunity to test the handling ability of your car and your capability as a driver in a controlled environment.

Autocross Novice Handbook

Technical Inspection

  • Safety Helmet: Must be approved by the Snell Foundation within the past 15 years which have a readable and genuine SA,M, or K Snell sticker attached to the inside of the helmet.
  • Safety Belts: Firmly attached safety belts must be worn.
  • Solidly Mounted Battery: The battery must be held down properly. If it can be moved at all, it will not pass.
  • Legal Tires: The tires must have measurable tread, and must be in good condition. Excessive weather checks or visible cord/plies will fail inspection.
  • Brakes: The brake pedal must be firm, with no loss of pressure when held down.
  • Steering / Suspension: The steering must be tight, with no excessive play. Wheel bearings cannot have excessive play.
  • Hub Caps and Trim Rings: Hub caps, trim rings and wheel covers must be removed, unless they are bolted to the wheel.
  • Loose Items in Car: All loose items must be removed from the passenger compartment and trunk.
  • Fluid Leaks: No excessive fluid leaks.
  • Adequate Muffler: Must be quieter than 96db measured 50 feet from the course at a place where the car is under full throttle.
  • Throttle: Accelerator pedal must have a return spring and operate freely.

Event Participant Rules

All participants must have a valid drivers license. Any violation of the following rules results in immediate expulsion!

  • No alcohol
  • No drugs
  • 5MPH speed limit in the paddock
  • No tire warm up within the facility or outside the event area
  • Maintain normal driving behavior outside of the event area

Results & Awards

Event results will be here within one week (usually within a day or so) following the event. Click the Results button at the top of this page.

The top three positions in each class will be awarded dash plaques denoting their position.

We keep track of the points that you accumulate throughout the year based on how you place at each event. This is kept track by your number. Therefore it is important that you use the same number and SCCNH class. If you are going to run in a different SCCNH class you need a different number. However, if you change SCCA classes but remain in the same SCCNH class you can use the same number. Starting at first place in class you get: 10,8,6,5,4,3,2 and everyone else gets 1. We count your best seven of the eight events. At the end of the year, SCCNH members receive awards based on placing in the top three positions of each class.

Event Agenda

  • The gates will be open at 8:00am
  • For events at NHMS, all participants stop at the NHMS registration building and sign their release before going to the paddock lot
  • Registration opens at 8:00 – All participants must check in at registration and sign the SCCNH release
  • Technical inspection opens at 8:00am
  • The course is open for walking at 8:30am
  • Driver’s meeting takes place at 9:00am
  • First car off is at 9:15am


Register for all our events at

Register button Pre-registration is preferred. We have a limit of 70 cars, so we can maximize the number of runs. On-site registration will be available for any open spots.

Check-in is required at the event, even if pre-registered.

REGISTRATION FEE: $40.00. If you are not a member of SCCNH, SCCV, KSCC, CMC or CART (appropriate identification required) you must join SCCNH for the weekend for $10.00. After your second weekend, we will make you a full SCCNH member (remind registration please).


NHMS map button NHMS
Rt 106, Loudon NH

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We run seven (7) classes that are all indexed using the PAX/RTP modifiers. This Index was developed by Rick Ruth and reflects study of results from well over 500 nationwide Solo events including, the Solo National Championships, National Tour, Alabama Region, many SCCA regions and many independent clubs like ours. This system is meant to allow different classes of cars to run together and be competitive. Your time is modified by multiplying it by the PAX/RTP index for your SCCA class. In theory this would allow a Honda Fit to fairly compete with a Porsche GT3.

Five of our classes are based on the types of vehicles that generally come to our events and are designed to group cars with similar modifications together. The objective is to get eight to twelve vehicles in each class.

The Stock Performance class is for most sports cars and high performance sedans and coupes.

The Stock Sedan class is mostly family sedans and coupes.

We get a lot of vehicles that have been modified but are still street able. Most fall into what SCCA calls Street Touring and Street Modified and therefore we created those classes.

All remaining vehicles go into our Race class.

The Novice class is open to drivers that have not been racing; including autocross, solo, HPDE and hillclimb; in the past 20 years and are driving a street car (regisered) with street tires (wear rating of 140+).

The Ladies class requires six or more ladies that want to run by themselves. They must declare that they want a Ladies class on the day of the event.

This list shows which SCCA classes have been grouped into an SCCNH class.

  1. P - Stock Performance, includes SCCA classes: SS, AS, BS, CS, ES, SSR
  2. S - Stock Sedan, includes SCCA classes: DS, FS, GS, HS
  3. T - Street Touring, includes SCCA classes: STF, STS, STR, STU, STX
  4. M - Street Modified, includes SCCA classes: SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, SM, SSM, SMF
  5. R - Race, includes SCCA classes: XP, BP, CP, DP, EP, FP, AM, BM, CM, DM, EM, FM, FSAE, KM
  6. N - Novice, street car (street tires UTQG 140+) and no racing experience in past 20 years: SS, AS, BS, CS, DS, ES, FS, GS, HS, STC, STF, STS, STR, STU, STX, SM, SSM, SMF, SSP, ASP, BSP, CSP, DSP, ESP, FSP, CAM-C, CAM-S, CAM-T
  7. L - Ladies, requires six ladies interested at any event, all SCCA classes included

When you register for an event using MotorsportReg, you must declare your SCCNH Class in the Class field and your SCCA class in the PAX field.


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