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Autocross classing guide

We use SCCA classing that are all indexed using PAX/RTP modifiers. Then, SCCNH groups these SCCA classes into six (6) groups of classes known as super classes. SCCNH also offers a Novice class for all newcomers to compete amongst one another.

Upon registering, if you are unsure of your class, select “I don’t know” and we will help place you in the correct class when you check in.

Five of our classes are based on SCCA classes grouped by a close PAX modifier. This allows for closer competition around similar performance vehicles.

SCCNH’s competitive classes are known as Class I through IV, and a non-competitive class for Exhibition:

  • Class I – Highest performance class – includes SCCA classes: CSP, DP, FP, SSM, XP, EP, CP, SSP, SM
  • Class II – includes SCCA classes: AS, SS, FSP, STR, STU, ESP, SMF, DSP, SSR, SST
  • Class III – includes SCCA classes: STS, STH, BS, STX, CS, FS
  • Class IV – includes SCCA classes: HS, GS, ES, SSC, DS
  • Exhibition – includes SCCA classes: XS-A, XS-B, EV, CM, DM, EM, FM, KM, BM, FSAE, AM and others (restrictions apply).
  • Novice

The Novice class is open to drivers that have not been racing; including autocross, solo, HPDE and hillclimb; in the past 20 years and are driving a car that falls into one of the above classes.

This Index was developed by Rick Ruth and reflects study of results from well over 500 nationwide Solo events including, the Solo National Championships, National Tour, Alabama Region, many SCCA regions and many independent clubs like ours.

This system is not perfect but meant to allow different classes of cars to run together and be competitive. Your time is modified by multiplying it by the PAX/RTP index for your SCCA class. In theory this would allow a Honda Fit to fairly compete with a Porsche GT3.

If you’re unsure of what class you fall into with modifications, try the SCCA Classification Assistant in the links below.



Come check out the historical autocross results – we make our best effort to post results online ASAP.

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