The mission of the Sports Car Club of New Hampshire is to organize activities in which members can safely participate in various driving events. We strive to build and maintain a membership of like-minded individuals focused on all makes and models of cars. By encouraging camaraderie at our events, we are able to keep them fun and enjoyable while having friendly competition. We encourage newcomers and educate them on the club and the events we put on.

Our primary activities include autocross, hillclimb, and road rally events. From time-to-time, SCCNH also participates in hosting charitable events such as car shows, scavenger hunts, and more.

We strongly believe in supporting the community, our members, and neighbors in need through various local charity contributions. We host fundraisers frequently to benefit charitable causes. All charitable activities are nominated and approved by a majority of attending membership during our monthly business meetings.

With a track record going back to 1955, SCCNH has put on many events and contributed to many charitable causes over the years, and we plan to continue our work with our strong membership base.