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Autocross is a driving skill event over a short, miniature road course clearly defined using traffic cones. Each vehicle is timed individually as it negotiates a course that puts the emphasis on driver skill and vehicle handling using time as a means to measure proficiency. The skills learned and practiced here; smooth transitions, enhanced braking and skid correction have an immediate impact on your driving skills and will translate into safer street driving.

The rules and guidelines cover participant, site, safety and vehicle capabilities. They are a result of this club’s 50+ years of experience and the experiences of many similar clubs from all around the country. There are course standards that must be met to protect the participant, the facility and the neighborhood. All cars must pass a safety inspection. SCCNH sanctioned events are conducted under the watchful eyes of Safety Stewards insuring autocross to be one of the safest motorsports.

The events are low-keyed, with the emphasis on fun. Instructors are available to assist and ride along with novice drivers or any driver who feels they could use some improvement. Each season one or two beginner autocross schools are held where you can learn how to autocross with instruction from our experts. Autocross is an opportunity to test the handling ability of your car and your capability as a driver in a controlled environment.

Rules &

Check out our updated Rules & Regulations for autocross.

Rules & Regulations


New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS) has several large parking lots that SCCNH utilizes as autocross tracks.

Canaan Motor Club (CMC) is a 1.3 mile long road course that SCCNH sets up cones on to provide a challenge for participants in a safe manner.


Come check out the historical autocross results – we make our best effort to post results online ASAP.

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