Getting Started

Tour the countryside

Our rally events are casual in nature and allow for participants to experience a fun and adventurous drive through the New Hampshire countryside. We have various types of rally events such as the Time Speed Distance (TSD) rally and a Scavenger Hunt. Each rally that we post will include their own sets of instructions and no two rally’s are the same!

Rules + Regulations

Obey the law

Our rally events are held on public roads. You must continue to follow all laws – just as you would without participating in our events.

Play fair

Be fair with how you use the rules to your advantage. While we’re here to have fun, there can also be some competition. Of course, camaraderie is encouraged!

Results & Awards

We hold the results and, if applicable, awards at the end of our rally. At this time, we also tend to encourage bringing some beverages and something to eat or grill. Keep in mind that all rally events are different – so be sure to check the instructions and agenda for any rally that you sign up for!