February 4, 2022 - Rob Widdick

SCCNH’s Paul Giblin Passes Away

It is with deep sadness that we say goodbye to our dear friend, Paul Giblin. Paul passed away in the evening on Monday, January 31st.

Paul has been a member of SCCNH since the late 70s and has been involved in the running of the club for just as long. He played a fundamental role in developing the club, and he had the pleasure of watching it flourish. In 2007, Paul was granted life membership for his contributions to the club. This club was his baby, and the car community was his family. He was ours.

In addition to the years Paul spent as a member of the club serving in a variety of ways, he spent twelve of those years working on our board. Since 1990, Paul served 11 years as President and Past-President and two years as Corresponding Secretary- one of which he held both positions of Past-President and Corresponding Secretary. He had been the Event Director for Climb to the Clouds since 1995 and had been working the event even longer. He had his hands in everything- always pushing projects forward and encouraging others along the way. Paul always thought about the long-term goals of the club, and he had begun sharing responsibilities, handing off roles, making introductions, and teaching others the inner workings of his larger projects.

Even after passing on the primary club responsibilities, he helped create and served on the advisory board, so our current board members have an easy way to ask for guidance. He has always shown his appreciation and repeatedly reminded us to do the same. Each one of us at SCCNH would not be here, doing what we love, if Paul had not paved the way. He taught us that knowledge is great, but relationships are what brings plans to fruition.

We send our most sincere condolences to all of Paul’s family and friends. While impossible to fill Paul’s shoes, we pledge to do our best. His legacies will live on so that our members can say, “Life IS Good!”