New autocross classing for 2020

February 8th, 2020

SCCNH is excited to release a new way of classing vehicles! These new classes will allow for tighter competition with less variance in PAX modifications. We’re also introducing a new Exhibition class that houses the new SCCA XS and EV classes.

Class Pax Adj Super class
JC 0.718 Class V
HS 0.78 Class V
GS 0.792 Class V
ES 0.793 Class V
HCS 0.794 Class V
SSC 0.798 Class V
FS 0.804 Class V
DS 0.806 Class V
CS 0.809 Class V
STS 0.812 Class IV
STH 0.813 Class IV
BS 0.814 Class IV
HCR 0.815 Class IV
STX 0.816 Class IV
CAM-T 0.817 Class IV
CAM-C 0.818 Class IV
AS 0.819 Class III
JB 0.82 Class III
SS 0.822 Class III
FSP 0.823 Class III
STR 0.827 Class III
STU 0.828 Class III
CAM-S 0.833 Class III
ESP 0.839 Class III
SMF 0.841 Class III
DSP 0.842 Class III
SSR 0.843 Class III
ASP 0.849 Class II
EP 0.85 Class II
CP 0.851 Class II
BSP 0.852 Class II
SSP 0.853 Class II
SM 0.854 Class II
JA 0.855 Class II
CSP 0.865 Class I
DP 0.866 Class I
BP 0.867 Class I
FP 0.868 Class I
SSM 0.875 Class I
XP 0.88 Class I
CM 0.893 Class I
DM 0.895 Class I
EM 0.896 Class I
FM 0.911 Class I
KM 0.93 Class I
BM 0.962 Class I
FSAE 0.963 Class I
AM 1 Class I
XS-A 0.844 Exhibition
XS-B 0.864 Exhibition
EV 0.824 Exhibition

SCCNH Hillclimb Dates

February 6th, 2020

The 2020 Hillclimb dates have been set!

  • May 16-17: Mt. Ascutney, VT
  • July 10-12: Mt. Washington (Climb to the Clouds – registration closed)
  • September 12-13: Mt. Ascutney, VT

Interested in participating? Head over to find more information on Hillclimb Registration + Schedules.

Rally events for 2020 coming soon

February 5th, 2020

Stay tuned, we have three rally events planned for 2020 – each featuring their own missions!

2020 – New Year, New Site!

February 2nd, 2020

SCCNH is proud to showcase our new website, custom designed and developed by 36creative! The goal of our new website is to provide for a better user experience and more information to allow newcomers to learn about our autocross, hill climb, and rally series.

36creative is a sponsor of SCCNH for both 2019 and 2020. 36creative is a Full Service Marketing Agency offering Creative Marketing Solutions that produce results. Brand Development, Creative Production, Website Design and Development, SEO, and More. Located in Southern NH, serving the Greater Boston Region and beyond.