May 11, 2022 - Rob Widdick

2022 Sponsorship by Performance MRP

Performance MRP

Sports Car Club of New Hampshire welcomes Performance MRP as the 2022 sponsor!

The Sports Car Club of New Hampshire (SCCNH) is a 501(c)(7) member-based organization that participates in several activities, including Autocross, Hill Climb, and Road Rallies. At the end of 2021, SCCNH had set a new membership record of 381 members since the club’s inception. The club actively invites and encourages participation from all automobile enthusiasts. As a novice-friendly club, SCCNH is a great way to get started with all things motorsports!

Performance MRP, known for their outstanding fabrication of MAF products, air intake components, fabrication parts, and more, have officially partnered with The Sports Car Club of New Hampshire for the 2022 season! Performance MRP enjoys working with other car enthusiasts from backyard mechanics to professional fabricators. Performance MRP focuses on customer satisfaction above all else because their customers are their best resource.

Located in Pittsfield, NH, Performance MRP, a division of MRP Manufacturing, LLC, offers many CNC machined parts and components by auto enthusiasts for auto enthusiasts. From off-the-shelf products to custom fabrication, Performance MRP is there from start to finish to ensure satisfaction. Launched in 2009 from a backyard father-son project, Performance MRP is where engineering and precision machining are driven by their love for performance cars.

SCCNH and Performance MRP share similar interests in motorsports and our members, making the sponsorship a great move for the club and its members. SCCNH members can save 15% off Performance MRP items (members can email [email protected] for details).

Please be sure to stop and say hi to any of the Performance MRP reps at our events!