March 25, 2022 - Alex Quaintance

Welcome to the 2022 Autocross Season

Hello and welcome to the 2022 SCCNH Autocross season! I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as I am taking over for Dave as the autocross director and wanted to share some topics about the upcoming season. At any point should you have any questions regarding anything autocross related, please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]

I know this is going to be a long read, but its good info, I promise!

– Event number one is live on MSR! Register here:

– Track Design: I’ve spent about three months researching and studying SCCA autocross track layouts to learn how to create a better, varied experience for drivers of all skills and disciplines. I’ve got a binder already loaded up with a number of different layouts to use for this year. I’ve addressed some concerns around course confusion, which leads me to my next point. We’ve purchased several cases of spray chalk to help better delineate the course. In some areas we may use this to create track lines, or in other cases large arrows to better show the direction you should be heading. I want to ensure that the first time you run the course, you know exactly where you should be. If anyone is interested in course design, check this image here: You can mark it up and email it over to me. Please note I cannot guarantee it will be used, but we could possibly pull different features from it. This is mostly due to me needing to ensure proper safety parameters. At the end of the day, I’d love to see what ideas some people have and work to incorporate them. Lastly, I will be drawing up the course layout on a whiteboard at the trailer for each event. Please take a look when you arrive to get a better idea of the layout in addition to doing your track walk.

– Helmets and Tech: Please review this page for info on tech and helmet requirements. Please note, our volunteers running tech are also drivers, and nobody hates it more than finding out they have to go back out and tech a car after the drivers meeting. Please make sure tech is the first thing you do upon arrival, and as always BE ON TIME. As always, your car MUST be free of loose items, including floor mats. Gates open at 8am, drivers meeting is at 9am, novice walk at 9:15am. I would like cars on track at 930am sharp to ensure we get a good number of runs in.

– Safety: Safety is critical to autocross events. Not only do we want people to be safe, but a good safety record allows us to keep running at these locations, potentially find new venues, all while keeping insurance costs reasonable. I will say it now, I am a stickler for safety and have no tolerance for not following safety rules. Please listen closely to the safety stewards talk at the drivers meeting. “I didn’t hear that” will not be accepted as an excuse. A full run down of safety points will be made available online soon, as well as available as a printout when you sign the waiver and get a wristband. I also want to make it clear this year, that if you are on the fence about waving a red flag, wave it. If anyone complains that you ruined their best run of the day, come see me. I’d rather you err on the side of caution then someone have an accident.

– Grid: I plan on running a clearly defined grid this year with two solo driver lanes and one dual driver lane. Some busier days we may have three solo lanes. Please stay in the lane you started in all day. This makes it easier for the grid steward to keep it moving evenly. For dual drivers, you can switch out as you see fit, however I’ve found it most effective to take turns doing a few runs each. This way you don’t need to be constantly changing seat position, sprinting to change numbers, and can find a better flow out there on the track. If we do 6 runs in the morning, maybe do 3/3/3/3. Again, it’s up to you, but this will help both you and the event as a whole.

– Working: When you arrive at the SCCNH trailer (after going through tech) and sign the waivers, you must sign up for a work session before you will be given a wristband. For now, the plan is to run two sessions in the AM and two in the PM with a one-hour lunch break between. If you will be unable to attend the afternoon session, please let the workers steward know and we will find you a proper and fair work arrangement. We will not tolerate drivers skipping their work sessions. Workers keep the event cheap and running smoothly. Without them, autocross doesn’t happen. First offense will be a warning, second will be deletion of times for the day, and third can result in removal from future events. We understand there are extenuating circumstances, so please come find me or the worker steward if there is a reason you must leave. I understand, I tore a muscle in my side last year and had to leave in a hurry. Or maybe your car dies in the morning. It happens, and so long as you tell us, we’ll work with you. Lastly, when it’s time for a worker changeover, be quick about it. We do not want to see cars lined up on the grid for 15 minutes waiting to go, while flagging stations are left unattended.

– Classing: Figuring out your cars proper classification can be difficult, as the SCCA manual is incredibly large. Check out the “Category Allowance Cheat Sheet” and 2022 Solo Rules Download here for more info. As always reach out if you need help, and please provide all of the info you can on any modifications made to the car.

– Magicross Event: I know there are already a lot of questions regarding this event. We are still working out many details, but once we know I will put out a special announcement regarding everything around the event. What we do know, is that yes, it is happening, and you must have 3 previous driving experiences in any autocross, track day/HDPE event, or hill climb events within the last 2 years.

– Awards: Medals will be awarded in each category for first, second and third. Special awards for the championship to be given out at the end of year dinner.

– Things to Bring: Snacks, drinks (bottled water available for free), sunscreen, hat, bug spray, tape to fix numbers, and of course, a positive attitude.

I look forward to seeing everyone back out there this year as well as some new faces. Let’s make 2022 the most efficient, best driving experience yet.

Best regards,